Tip that will help you to get perfect gel manicure

Gel nails look very classy and beautiful, but many of us need professional gel manicure to get the desired look. Well, many of us prefer salon for it, but you can have gel manicure at home and save some money. It is not hard to get beautiful gel nails at home. Here is complete information about gel manicure and how you can do it at your home?

About gel nail polish

Gel nail polish will give you shiny and glittering look. They are different from nail paint, and thus they consistency is like gel. Many people prefer gel nail because it gives an authentic look to your nails but it too required practice, and it is efficiently applied by the professionals rather than ordinary people.

  • Gel polish come in different colors and shades which offer more options plus they are affordable too.
  • Also, many people prefer shellac because its application is not complicated as the application of gel polish. But if you want pleasing looking nails and hands then you must go for a home gel manicure.

Things required for gel manicure

As said before, application of gel polish is a length and quite complicated task if you are new to it. To get home gel manicure you will need the following things:

  • Gel base coat as a primer
  • Nail cleanser for removing current nail paint and for cleaning your nails
  • Gel top coat applied at the end of the gel manicure
  • UV light
  • Cuticle oil is required for daily maintenance of gel nails
  • Nail Bonder
  • Lint free nail wipes and if you do not have this then you can use cotton balls.
  • Gel polish and s
  • Beautiful nail buffer block

Also, if you don’t want to purchase all these things separately then you can go for gel manicure kits in which you got almost all products which are listed above.

About its application

  1. In the first step, clean your nails and remove nay old nail polish. Also, file and shape it properly and keep it ready for the next step.
  2. In the next step, use primer and after it applies gel polish on your nails. Wait for few seconds are after it get dry apply the top coating. Make sure that you should apply multiple coats for your desired color depth you want.
  3. At last, you have to maintain it, and you must regularly use cuticle oil on it.

Important tips regarding gel manicure

  • Before using gel nail, shake it properly to mix it properly.
  • Must use nail borders as because of your gel manicure lasts for long.
  • Use good quality cuticle oil for moisturizing your gel.
  • If your gel polish is too thick then must apply thinner before gel polish application.

You will get alluring gel nails at home through gel manicure plus it will also let you save money on the expensive salon. The above tutorials help you to know about gel manicure and hope you like it.

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