How to get salon like gel nails?

Applying gel nail paint seems an easy task but we know that it is not. But you need not worry about it as there is much DIY gel nail kit are available through which you will get salon like gel nails. So, now you can get beautiful gel nails at home without many efforts though a little practice is required. So, here you are going to learn how to apply gel nail paint correctly to get beautiful gel nails at home.

  1. Prepare your nails

The first step is to make your nails. For this, wash your hands properly and after it dries them with the help of dryer.  With the aid of manicure stick remove dead skin present at the base of your nails. Besides this, if they are hard to remove then first soak your hands in water and after they become soft remove it. This is critical as it will provide you a smooth surface for applying gel nail paint.

  • After removing your cuticles, now give shape to your nails. You can choose from various shapes like oval, square, etc. Besides this, another famous and trendy shape for nails is pointy nails.
  • This first step is necessary to get an ideal base for nail paint application.
  1. Apply gel primer

Just like other primers like makeup primers, there are primers for nail paint also. The main aim of primer is to make your gel paint last for long. The primer is sticky which get dry later and then provide a smooth surface for you gel nail paint. It is always advisable to apply go for primer if you want a smooth finish and long lasting nail color. Besides this, many primers come with gel nail kit and one of the best home gel nail kit is sensatioNail which is an ideal choice for a home manicure.

  1. Apply gel nail polish

Now your nails are ready for gel nail polish application. At first, shake the nail polish bottle properly and start applying the first coat on your nails. The first layer is essential and should be neatly applied. After it, you will have to wait for around 60 seconds before applying the second layer.

  • Also, the number of gel nail paint coats depends on the depth of color you want. If you want dark colors, then apply 3 to 4 coats of nail paint otherwise 2 to 3 layers are required for light to medium dark colors.
  • Also, make sure that you will not touch your nails after applying the gel. If you touch it every time, then your coating will get spoil.
  1. Apply gel coat

After the application of gel then now it’s time to apply the top coat of the nail paint. The top layer of the coat is mainly transparent. The main aim of applying transparent coating is to provide extra shine and light glitters. Besides this, try not to implement transparent layer to your cuticles as it will look bad and give your nails an unfinished look.

So, you see it is not hard to get beautiful gel nails at home without the help of professionals. Just follow the above steps, and you will not need anything else for beautiful gel nails.

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