How to dry your gel nail polish without UV lights?

When it is about getting gel nails at home, DIY method is in trend. But if you want to have gel manicure at home, you have to purchase gel manicure kit in which you will get A to z all the things required for a gel manicure. But there are still many things in the kit which are not necessary, but as it is a package, you have to buy it.

Besides this, one of the main items of gel manicure kit is UV lights which are quite expensive. Also, it seems a quite waste of money as there are many methods which you can use for drying your gel polish. Many women ask questions how they can dry their gel polish without using UV lights. Well, you will get the answer of this question here as I am going to explain the ways through which you will not need UV lights:

  1. Blow it up

One of the traditional methods for drying you nails polish. You can either use fans or just blow air from your mouth. But this technique is not for those people who are impatient as it requires time and gel polish are thick, and thus they required more time for drying off.

  • Besides this, one thing you should keep in mind is that do not use hot air for drying your gel. Hot air may spoil the shine of your gel polish plus it will lead to firming of your polish. So, always use cold air for it.
  • Do not touch your nail polish awhile drying as it will cause marks of your fingers on your gel polish.
  1. Freeze it out

This is another best method for drying your gel polish. This trick is used by many women who prefer DIY gel manicure. Even this technique is even used by many salons as this traditional method dry your polish without cause any damage to your gel.

  • For this method, take a bowl and fill it with some ice cubes. After it, pour some water in it. When you applied gel polish on your nails, dip your fingers in it for some time or 60 seconds.
  • This trick is amazing and saves your nails and gel polish from divots. Plus this technique is very helpful in removing gel nail polish at home, and you will not go to the professional for it.
  1. Use nail drying spray

It is kind of UV lights but cheaper than it. Besides this, you will get it at any drug store. Many people use cooking oils for it, but it will ruin your gel polish. So, it is better to avoid it and just use spray instead of it. Also, it is very time to save and you just have to spray your nails for one minute, and it will dry.

These are the traditional methods which are efficient as UV lights. So, gel manicure at home is not that expensive, and it is economical to get beautiful gel nails at home.

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