3 best gel polishes for gel manicure

Gel nail polish is enough blessings for those women who have a busy schedule. Also, they are made up of high quality, and with style, they offer an economical way through which your hands look beautiful. Also, they last for long and save you from reapplications unless you are a kind of a person who wants different colors on each day. Also, with so many gel manicure kits it is easy to get gel nails at home, but if you are a newbie to it, then you will not have much idea about gel polishes.

Well, here we are presenting the top 3  gel polish which is considered ideal for gel manicure plus get all the information about it. So, here are they:

  1. SensatioNail Polishes

This gel manicure kit rank top in this list as this kit is an ideal option for new people, and that’s why it is famous. The quality of its gel polish is excellent, and its gel lasts for around two weeks. Plus you will get LED lamp in this kit for nail drying purpose.

  • Also, you will get a step to step guide in this kit through which you will able to know about gel manicure procedure.
  • Also, the gel polish of this package gets dry in 60 seconds, so it is best for working and professional women. Besides this, you will get gel primer, gel coating, gel polish colors, etc. This is the best home gel nail kit and worth to try.
  1. Gelish

If you want amazing experience in gel manicure, then Gelish is the option. This is second in this list, and its brand quality is its USP. Besides this, the particular thing about this gel polish is that it has a brush in the bottle which is a unique feature in gel polishes. This kit contains two gel polishes, nail file, gloves, etc. But the gel of this polish is hard to remove and time-consuming also.

  • For removing its gel polish, you have first to soak your hands in water, and thus it soaks off polish. You can use either warm water or room temperature water for the soaking purpose.
  • This product is highly rated product online but before purchasing it makes sure that you should choose right dealer for it. Also, its piece is quite high, so it is costly for many women.
  1. OPI Gel Color soaks off gel base

If you are looking for the famous nail polish brand then here it is OPI. The main thing about this nail about this nail paint is that it is readily available everywhere. You can even get it from your near stores plus this nail paint is long wear nail polish, offers you a variety of colors, shiny and gel quality is good and will not fade quickly. The current price of this polish is around $30, and if you purchase them from online, then you will get exciting offers, discounts, and deals on it.

So, these three gel polish are ideal for a gel manicure and offers you glamorous gel nails at home. Buy them, apply them and get a gorgeous look.

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